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Progetto YPAD

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Progetto YPAD

Dal 7 al 10 maggio 2013 avrò il piacere di partecipare all’evento finale del Progetto YPAD, che si svolgerà a Camarinas (Spagna), assieme al creativo del suono Gianluca Licciardi, titolare di “Anonima Italiana“.

Fra i partecipanti:

  • Piteå Kommun, Sweden
  • Maskun Kunta, Finland
  • Comune di Borgotaro, Italy
  • Comune di Forlì, Italy
  • Concello de Ferrol, Spain
  • Concello de Camariñas, Spain

Il Comune di Forlì è partner del progetto “YPAD: Young People and Development“, finalizzato alla promozione e allo scambio di esperienze per sviluppare le opportunità lavorative destinate ai giovani.


"The Game of War" and "In Oblivion" by Filippo Venturi e Gianluca Licciardi

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YPAD | European Project

YPAD (Young People and Development) is a two year EU project under Europe for Citizens which will take place from 2/6 2011 to 1/6 2013. Partner communities involve : Spain– Camarinas and Ferrol, Italy– Forli and Borgotaro (Borgo Val di Taro) , Finland– Masku and Sweden– Piteå.

The main objective of the project is to bring people from local communities across Europe together to share and exchange experiences, opinions and values within the field of young people development opportunities. Today young people do not have the adequate tools which give them the confidence to feel that they are a part of society.

The project points out three problems of common interest to be approached in the transnational meetings: – Lack of right competencies to be employed (employability opportunities) – Marginalization of young people in the civil society – Lack of competencies of public authorities to interact and to communicate effectively with young people. The project is composed of a total of six events: a coordination meeting which was held 5-9/9 2011 in Borgo Val di Taro , four thematic seminars and a final meeting.

The seminars will be focused on:

1. Unemployment and opportunities and training for self-employment, 21-24/11 2011 Piteå
2. Young enterpreneurship and opportunities within European municipalities, 6-9/3 2012 Masku
3. Project ideas and how to support young people with good ideas, 11-14/9-2012 Forli
4. Raising awareness in the municipality to face and overcome lack of communication, 22-25/1 2013 Ferrol
5. Evaluation and follow up meetings, 7-10/5 Camarinas

The meetings will last for four days using different methodologies in order to better involve the target groups: Plenary sessions, work groups, informal meetings among young people and discussion panels. The coordination of the project will be followed by a specific work group with the task to be the contact point for local participants and to ensure an effective communication among the European partners.

The target groups that will be involved in the project are:

1. young people between 18-35 years old
2. youth associations and centers
3. municipal civil servants
4. unemployed young people who lack any specific skills or relevant education


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