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Intervista su Lazagne Magazine

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Filippo Venturi, Lazagne Magazine, #1

Su Lazagne Magazine #10, uscito oggi, c’è una mia intervista dove parlo di fotografia, ma anche di letteratura, in particolare di John Fante! Ci sono anche le immagini del mio lavoro “Made in Korea”, di cui una è in copertina :)

La rivista è visibile e acquistabile qui: Lazagne Art Magazine #10


Lazagne Art Magazine #10
Ettore Siniscalchi / Ioana Moldovan / Lenz Fondazione / Filippo Venturi / Romina Bassu / Elena Pugliese/ Silvia Camporesi / Oscar Murillo / Giuditta R / Keisuke Hirose / Mauro Pipani

Filippo Venturi, Lazagne Magazine, #2


Filippo Venturi, Lazagne Magazine, #3


Filippo Venturi, Lazagne Magazine, #4


Filippo Venturi, Lazagne Magazine, #5


Filippo Venturi, Lazagne Magazine, #6


Filippo Venturi, Lazagne Magazine, #7


Filippo Venturi, Lazagne Magazine, #8



Lazagne Magazine is a online publication created to promote the work of international artists: emerging and no but very tasty artists. Our task will be soaking these pages of names and curiosity by following our taste which is mostly consistent with an essential search of sensations. In the infinite stream of images that hit us every day and makes tense our critical thinking by forcing us to eat, almost unconsciously, “the usual soup”… we have thought to propose you, although not perfect, an healthy and hopefully tasty lasagna. Have a good vision and enjoy your meal!


Written by filippo

16 February 2016 at 9:15 am

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