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Douglas Scholes, Assigning simple tasks to a walk

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Douglas Scholes
Assigning simple tasks to a walk

Assegnazione di semplici mansioni ad una camminata

Performance artistica eseguita il 6 novembre 2012, da San Romano, passando per Borello, fino alla discarica “Tessello II” di San Carlo (17km).

Durante la camminata l’artista canadese ha provveduto a raccogliere i rifiuti trovati lungo il percorso, sostituendoli con le sue Amphottles (in italiano Anfottiglie): manufatti in cera d’api prodotti interamente dall’artista, dalla forma metà di bottiglia di plastica e metà di anfora.


I explore the qualities of maintenance and art through a pragmatic aesthetic, which places art as part of rather than a reflection of the everyday. The pragmatic aesthetic refers to the intrinsic and evolving appearance of things, objects, and structures found in our environments, appearances that are inherently dynamic due to the passage of time. I am fascinated by the appearance of things created by abandoned attention and by the maintenance performed in an attempt to reverse deterioration.

To perform maintenance as art is an act of creation which exposes the inherent beauty of the orchestrated movements of human resources and tools/materials that are required to get the job done – acts of cleaning, repairing, constructing, picking up, clearing, etc., and the results thereof. These acts are done in response to gradual and unrelenting entropic forces working in natural opposition to the acts of creation. There is a dichotomy between maintenance and deterioration with an inevitable, usual, predictable interaction of one to the other.


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