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Four, cortometraggio di Joseph Baron (2001)

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A Joseph Baron independent short film.
A vision of the brutality of imposed conformity in the computer age. Faceless inhabitants of this carefully engineered reality type their lives away in endless rows of zeros and ones. When the number four unexpectedly infiltrates one computer, the system soon proves to be less airtight than intended. This call for individuality and self-expression leads to confusion and trauma, unleashing the protagonist into a liberating, yet painful, creative experience.

Nella versione originale la musica è Lux Aeterna di Clint Mansell (già sentita in Requiem for a dream).
C’è anche una versione recente con la cover di Creep del coro Scala and Kolacny Brothers (già sentita nel trailer di The Social Network).

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31 October 2010 at 1:11 pm

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