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Remains of the day (book scene)

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Adoro questa scena e amo Emma Thompson in questo film.

Miss Kenton: What’s in that book? Come on, let me see… or are you protecting me? Is that what you’re doing? Will I be shocked? Will it ruin my character?

*Moves closer to Stevens, trying to grab the book.*

Miss Kenton: Let me see it!

*She tries to pry his hand from clutching the book, face getting closer to his in the process. He does not want to let go as he is relishing from her touch. He eventually lets go of the book. She looks at it. Still a breath away from his face.*

Miss Kenton: It’s not scandalous at all. Just a sentimental love story-

*She looks up at him, eyes locked with his. He breaks away first, pulling the book from her hand.*

Mister Stevens: I read these books, any books, to develop my command and knowledge of the English language. I read to further my education, Miss Kenton.


Written by filippo

12 January 2012 at 7:09 pm

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