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A Rory Williams’ essay about me

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Il saggio di Rory Williams su di me
Rory Williams è uno studente di fotografia che si sta diplomando a Cambridge, Inghilterra. Ha deciso di scrivere un breve saggio su di me, in particolare sulla composizione e sull’impatto delle mie fotografie di rugby sullo spettatore. Sono felice di pubblicare il risultato QUI :)
Segue sotto un breve estratto.

A Rory Williams’ essay about me
Rory Williams is studying photography A-level in Cambridge, England. He decided to write an essay about me and the composition and impacts of my rugby images on the viewer. I am happy to publish his essay HERE :)
Below there is a short extract.


In this analysis I will be assessing the composition of Filippo Venturi’s sports photography images. In this I will compare three images, talking about the style, composition and how it affects me as the viewer. Venturi’s images are on rugby photography, therefore he must use a short shutter speed, and a wide aperture to get the images exposed but crisp and sharp. And also how the composition of his images make rugby seem like less of a sport but much more like a battle. […]

Rugby photography by Filippo Venturi, #1

This image complies with the rule of the Golden Triangle, as represented in the image above, the players in this image clearly follow the longest diagonal cutting the image in half. There is also a focus on the player highlighted in the red circle, from what u can see of his face he looks slightly panicked or worried also as if he is hiding away from the danger and attacking going on around him. […]

Rugby photography by Filippo Venturi, #2

This image shows the rule of thirds, the rugby ball is perfectly positioned on the upper left point of intersection (as shown by the green point), and then the majority of focus is in the upper left and upper centre sections showing the player with the ball being tackled by the opposition. Also there is a focus on the player in the foreground on the right, also hitting two of the points highlighted in green. […]


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23 July 2014 at 9:21 am

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