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8 users out of 10 are female.
The average time spent in the room is 20 minutes.
The anger room is a place where the user finds a new kind of freedom.
Only those who enter in the anger room know the reasons that brought them in there, sometimes hundreds of miles away from home.

Using the anger room – a place where anger can be expressed, where time can be bought and spent by destroying things, with baseball bats and wrecking hammers – for some people is an act of freedom, a “reset” key that allows a symbolic release of anger, grudges and drosses accumulated in years, before starting a new life without that load. For other people is a daily or monthly necessity, to let out and destroy ill feelings.

2011 – Anger Room opening in Dallas (USA).
2012 – Rage Room opening in Novi Sad (Serbia).
2013 – Camera della Rabbia opening in Forlì (Italy).

The first trace of the anger room idea, however, can be dated back to 1962, in the short story Il palazzo da rompere (The destroyable palace) by Gianni Rodari. After almost 50 years, what Rodari had just imagined is today a real necessity.


Written by filippo

5 October 2014 at 10:12 pm