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The Game of War

Cesena, Italy


The Game of War premiered at the YPAD Final Event in Camariñas (Galicia, Spain) on Thursday, May 9, 2013.
It was presented as a slideshow with an electronic music improvisation.

This is how it was introduced:

The Art of War isn’t neither about war or its aesthetics; it is more about strategy, prevention and preparation to a conflict than about the conflict itself. It is about discipline, practice and the setting of the game. It is about creative thinking, training, communication, collaboration, adjustment, planning and virtuality.

Because there is no better victory than a war that never was.

“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu is the best marketing strategies book you will ever read. Even though it was written in a time where the economics were not as they are now. If you read it carefully, you will learns a lot of strategies about how to self-develop. The pictures portray a Rugby game, an open invitation to put yourself to the test.
The musical improvisation represents the risk, the randomness at taking chances in the business.

Photography: Filippo Venturi
Sound: Anonima Italiana

(original version is 70 minutes with slow cadence)



Photography: Filippo Venturi
Subject: Romagna Rugby Football Club gameplay, shot over 2 years
Live sampling and electronics: Anonima Italiana
Interpolation: “Ima Read” (Instrumental) by Zebra Katz & Njena Reddd Foxxx (@ 2012 Mad Decent)
“The Art of War”, narrated by Joe Mantegna (@ 2013 Recorded Books)
Slideshow design by Anonima Italiana

Concello de Camariñas
The YPAD delegations and partecipants from
Maskun (Finland), Piteå (Sweden), Ferrol (Spain), Borgotaro and Forlì (Italy)


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